Monday, 12 November 2012

As things fell apart nobody paid much attention.

Stochastic separations

No I'm not dead, and no the price of your work dose not increase  if they think your dead!

The truth is this is quite the sad peace such a limited edition only 10 of them it's really odd to see Jess in such a distressed way, she's so beautiful in real life, so much so I've never forgot since high school I never really had the confidence to talk to such a pretty girl hence the "flutter of an eyelash" highschool was over and done with before I knew it and then I was in collage bam I was 300 miles away from where I did some of my going up, high school and Jess! we all know what that feels like "only yesterday" as soon as I moved to uni things on the news started appearing about home storys on unimaginable sadness those thoughts never left my mind.

 After uni I was free spent a while thinking should I go back instead I decided to make this print dedicated to the people pay tribute to the sadness move forward with my own life

 I'm really loving the soft focus of this printing method.

been on quite the adventure in lots of art fairs Brighton, London, even Manchester!

"As things fell apart nobody paid much attention"

is a piece about lost hope and an optimistic search for new values, new validations. I wanted to capture the beauty of the most desired girl in my state secondary school, an icon of beauty, then juxtapose it with the tragedy of  a town where I did most of my growing up. My sympathies are deep,
But I know their memories live on.
 The image has been distorted and destroyed with acetone, then printed using stochastic separations. The registration marks are still present in retaliation against the current state of print art. A riposte to the blasé approach where mis-registration, no bleed and `jigsaw puzzle` printing reign supreme.